Satoko, there’s no way Satoshi will come back like that! You don’t know anything about true strength! It seems you think that enduring things is to have strength, but how is that different from the past? You’re just enduring it until Satoshi comes back to have him protect you all over again! Satoko, you still can’t realize Satoshi’s strength, in spite of being so close to it? You know, Satoshi was not only frightened like you. He fought that dreadful aunt head-on! To protect you! That is strength! Satoko, Teppei is right behind you, right? Come on, look at that scary and ugly face of him. If you’re going to try to make up for you sins towards Satoshi, realize Satoshi’s bravery when he stood up against that dreadfulness! Are your teeth chattering? Your legs are trembling? You feel a shiver creeping up your spine?  All those sensations were felt by Satoshi whenever he tried to protect you! And please understand what Satoshi expected from you and what example he wanted you to follow! If you don’t understand that, you’ll never be able to get any stronger! Satoko, show Satoshi how much stronger you became during this one year! Find courage like that of Satoshi and fill your chest with it right now! (…) I’m watching your courage.

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Put me in the trash.

How to do an elegant photoshoot by Hyolo

How to do an elegant photoshoot by Hyolo


HyoTaeSeo on crack





this is possibly one of the cutest things there has ever been

like no i want to write a story about these characters

or play them in a campaign or something

because the idea of a mermaid who is best friends with a fish with human legs is the most adorable of all things

ngl, this is cute